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Trade Credit & Political Risks Trade Credit & Political Risks

Sussex Corporate Risk provides credit management solutions for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across all economic sectors of the economy. We can provide risk-management solutions and insure your political risks globally. SCR can also insure your accounts receivable which allow cash-flow and profit protection against bad-debt losses and slow payers. While we focus on your asset-protection, our clients are able to expand sales to new customers and markets without increasing risk, and enhance their relationship with lenders allowing you to potentially borrow more working capital or secure better financing terms.

Our products and services encompass the following:

  • Trade Credit & Accounts Receivable Insurance for SMEs with domestic or global operations
  • Terrorism Insurance
  • Political Risk insurance to protect overseas assets against breach of contract, conversion, expropriation, non-payment, political violence, repossession and transfer
  • Liaise with underwriters and local bankers to offer a unique underwriting approach and to establish close relationships with both industry- and geography-based insurers, product flexibility and underwriting capacity to procure appropriate coverage
  • Initiate client and underwriting meetings and face-to-face opportunities where financial and credit professionals monitor large and higher-risk debtors, conduct debtor visits to capture and assimilate valuable proprietary information

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