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Aviation About Sussex Corporate Risk - Aviation

Aviation risks present unique exposures to the insurance and risk management industry.   In fact, these unique exposures and potential for losses has frequently led the overall global insurance industry rating in the past hard and soft market insurance cycles.

For aviation, Sussex Corporate Risk is a niche player.   We have chosen our specialties carefully, concentrating on areas where we feel we can offer highly competitive insurance products and pricing.   Sussex Corporate Risk focuses on the following Aviation risks:

  • Aircraft parts manufacturers and service providers
  • Flight School Operators
  • Fixed Based Operations
  • Airlines (small fleets and charters)
  • Airport owners and operators
  • Airport ground service providers including Fueller's Liability
  • Aircraft operators
  • Helicopter operators and rotary-wing placements
  • Aerospace
  • Non-Owned Aircraft Liability

We also provide analysis of various insurance provisions within your existing contracts with your clients and other value-added services. Please contact us to discuss your Aviation Risks.

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